Kind Messages - A new take on Digital Signage
  • Super easy content creation / Cloud service / Subscription / Web technology
    A new take on Digital Signage
    Complexity, time, and price is a major hurdle for small businesses to have
    their own digital signage solution. We significantly lower the threshold
    for screen communication.

A CMS for your messages

Global Service

Kind Messages is a cloud-based service for managing and displaying screen content. Our service can be controlled from any web connected device - mobile or stationary. We have customers all over Sweden but the service can be reached from anywhere in the world, at any time.

Web Technology

We use modern technology and web standards in everything we do. Content creation and distribution is built on Html5. This gives our customers great possibilities and flexibility. Any hardware with a standard browser can be used to create content on the fly.

Easy content creation

Our mission is to simplify. Using our web-based work-flow, creating content couldn't be easier. Upload media and create personalized content playlists. Schedule, publish and edit from any phone, tablet or laptop.


The Kind Messages service is offered as a subscription where you pay per month and screen. We'll give you a commitment-free service with a no-frills technical setup. Contact us today for a free tryout.


From Umeå in the North to Gothenburg on the west coast, Scandinavias largest frozen yoghurt chain, is using Kind Messages to manage screen content.

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Togogo opened their first store at the Central Station in Gothenburg 2015. The company idea is to provide healthy food for people on the go. Kind Messages is providing solutions to remotely manage digital content in their store.

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